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Family and Package Holidays Dominate Early Year Irish Google Search Trends

Irish consumer interest in overseas holidays has spiked since the turn of the year, with sun destinations, package holidays and family holidays dominating online search trends, according to an analysis conducted by Irish digital marketing agency VROOM Digital.

The period reflected a collective eagerness to plan and embark on holidays, with keywords like “Holiday” and “Flight” dominating search trends. Online sites and booking platforms such as “love holidays,” “Ryanair,” “Aer Lingus,” “TUI Group,” “Airbnb,” and “Booking.com B.V.” indicated a range of preferences for online bookings, encompassing flights, accommodations, and all-inclusive packages.

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Public holidays, notably “Bank holiday” and “August Bank Holiday,” influenced travel considerations, suggesting a strategic alignment of trips with days off. Specific destinations like “Lanzarote,” “Spain,” “Italy,” “Tenerife,” “Sardinia,” “Sicily,” “Alcudia,” “Alicante,” “Rhodes,” “Mauritius,” “Lapland,” “Benalmadena,” “Corfu,” “Nice,” and “Fuengirola” captured the imagination of Irish travellers.

The term “package tour” indicated a notable interest in all-inclusive travel packages, while the keyword “Family” hinted at a preference for family-oriented or group travel experiences.

A broad interest in European destinations was reflected in the frequent use of the keyword “Europe”, whereas keywords like “June” and “October” suggested peak travel months, indicating a thoughtful approach to seasonal travel planning.

Beach destinations, including “Reus,” “Sardinia,” “Torremolinos,” and “Corfu,” emerged prominently, reflecting a strong preference for coastal getaways. “Campsite” as a keyword suggested an interest in outdoor adventures and camping, indicating that there is a segment of the population who are seeking more hands-on travel experiences.

Shane Curtin, CEO of VROOM Digital said: “The Google Trends data provides valuable insights into the evolving preferences and aspirations of those planning trips from Ireland. With a diverse range of destinations and accommodation preferences coming to the forefront, it’s an exciting time for the travel industry, and businesses need to stay agile to cater to the evolving needs of travellers”.

This data not only unveils the diverse travel interests of the Irish population, but also serves as a valuable resource for businesses in the travel industry looking to tailor their offerings to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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