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How a Travel Counsellor can Scale their Business – with Intimacy

At Travel Counsellors we continuously explore different ways in which our franchisees can run their own businesses and grow in a way and pace that suits them. The sky literally is the limit, their earning potential is in their hands, and we are here to give them the platform and support to scale whilst always delivering the most personal service to their customers.

“TC’s working in Teams” has long been a feature within the wider global community, starting from when a Travel Counsellor becomes very busy and needs that extra support or helping hand, they reach out to the community for assistance, and everyone benefits and wins.  We’ve seen some amazing results from those working in teams, both corporate travel as well as high end leisure, with more and more Travel Counsellors taking the opportunity to grow their businesses in this way. It’s also a great offering for those joining the company to run their own business, who come on board without clients. By working with others they can start to sell and earn immediately as they build their own business from scratch, whilst supporting busier Travel Counsellors and connecting to the hugely caring community of travel experts, globally.

A Travel Counsellor can grow a team around them to support in a myriad of ways; with administration, product/destination expertise, designing itineraries, working full-time or part-time and scaling-up as required for each individual business.  This in turn allows them to focus on crafting itineraries and building those all-important relationships with their customers. We have taken the time to listen to our community and offer different models to suit them, with the technology constantly developing to support this, enabling TCs to work together and support each other, scaling their business as they wish – but always ensuring we care more than anyone else.

It’s sharing the load, the responsibility, and in most cases the profits as well, by allowing you to utilise the power and knowledge of the community to maximum effect. It can range from one off holiday cover, to joining a Team or becoming a Mentor.  Team-working allows TC’s to form alliances as well as friendships, working with each other on a range of bookings, from large business accounts to individual travellers to groups.

Whatever your ambition, we can help you reach your goals and build your business in a way that suits you, whilst feeling part of a collaborative community who cares and wants to support one another and win together. It’s yet another thing that makes us unique, and sees our people achieving some incredible results.

For more information, contact Bernie Whelan or Cathy Burke at Travel Counsellors – 0818 33 20 03

Allie Sheehan
Allie Sheehan
I have worked in the travel industry for seven years, from working in American Holidays and The Travel Corporation I have a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of travel. Before joining ITTN I worked for Facebook which gave me the inside knowledge of the wonderful world of social media. I have a BSc in Event Management and am also a qualified beauty therapist (which definitely comes in handy in this business). Recently I joined the AWTE Ireland committee and I am enjoying working with and connecting with the network of women in travel.

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