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Wendy Wu Tours Launches ‘Wanderlust Sale’ Due To Increased Demand Following BBC’s ‘Race Across the World’

In an unprecedented wave of wanderlust sparked by the BBC’s thrilling series ‘Race Across the World, Wendy Wu Tours, the UK and Ireland’s leading specialist touring company, is witnessing a phenomenal surge in bookings to Asia. To celebrate this surge and inspire more travellers, Wendy Wu Tours has unveiled their exclusive ‘Wanderlust Sale’, offering savings of up to £1000 per person on their most popular fully inclusive escorted tours. This incredible offer is available across top destinations such as Japan, China, Southeast Asia, India, and Sri Lanka, as well as select tours in South America, Central Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East until 1 July 2024.

The conclusion of ‘Race Across the World’ has ignited a newfound passion for travel, particularly to the show’s featured destinations like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Wendy Wu Tours has seen a staggering 52% increase in bookings for Japan alone, prompting the addition of 17 new departures for the autumn season to meet the overwhelming demand. Viewers, captivated by the show’s breathtaking scenery and cultural experiences, are opting for the convenience and expertise of guided tours rather than independent travel.

Gary King, Head of Trade Sales at Wendy Wu Tours, commented on this travel phenomenon, stating, “The excitement generated by ‘Race Across the World’ has truly been unprecedented. We’ve seen a dramatic surge in bookings, particularly for our Japan tours, with a 52% increase over the past eight weeks. In response to this incredible demand, we’ve added 17 new departures for the autumn season in Japan, including our flagship tours such as ‘Japan Uncovered’ and ‘Best of Japan’. It’s clear that viewers are looking for the security and enriching experiences that our fully inclusive tours provide.

King added, “Our new ‘Wanderlust Sale’ is our way of rewarding our customers and making these dream destinations even more accessible. These offers provide exceptional value, allowing travellers to explore the must-see sights and hidden gems of Asia with the assurance of our award-winning guides. As the series has shown, the allure of Asia is only growing, and we encourage everyone to book now to secure their spot on these unforgettable journeys.

The surge in interest doesn’t stop at Japan. South Korea, highlighted in the series, has seen a significant uptick in popularity, with the ‘Essence of South Korea & Japan’ tour now ranking among the operator’s best sellers. Additionally, there’s been a notable rise in last-minute bookings for the 2025 Japanese Cherry Blossom season, which is quickly reaching capacity.

Wendy Wu Tours continues to lead the market with their expertly curated itineraries, offering travellers a chance to experience the cultural richness and diverse landscapes of Asia without the hassle of planning and logistics.

Visit www.wendywutours.co.uk for more information, or to book a Wendy Wu Tour, contact the experts at Sunway!

Carrie Day
Carrie Day
Carrie started her career in the travel industry in 2014 and has worked in various roles such as Travel Consultant in Canada & Ireland, Business Development Manager and later Industry Sales Manager EMEA at an international tour company. She is also a trustee for the ITAA Benevolent Fund since 2021 and proud member of the AWTE Ireland. Conversations around sustainable travel are welcomed and encouraged!

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