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We Can’t Fly Anywhere, So What About Flying to Nowhere?

With so much of the world closed off to tourism, a number of airlines have opted to run sightseeing flights…to nowhere. Korean Air is the latest carrier to operate a sightseeing flight, following similar flights by All Nippon Airways, HK Express and Qantas.

Korean Air was given the go-ahead by that country’s aviation regulator, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, to take off on February 27. Unlike the others, though, this flight will be the first to operate across international borders, mostly likely being routed through neighbouring Japan.

Passengers will be able to avail of duty-free shopping and aerial views -which invariably will mean that window seats will be at a premium.

Could this be an option for airlines in Ireland? Perhaps a nice sightseeing flight over the west coast or taking in the green fields of the midlands?


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