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We are a Big Company with a Close-knit Family Feel – Steve Byrne

Following the launch of Travel Counsellors in the United Arab Emirates last week, Managing Director Steve Byrne reflects on the company’s international presence and the opportunities this brings for Travel Counsellors’ agents.

Steve Byrne, Managing Director
Steve Byrne, Managing Director, Travel Counsellors

“Travel Counsellors is now present in seven countries across the world following our launch in the UAE last week. During a time when businesses are tightening their belts it is not the norm for a company to expand in such a way, but even during tough economic times the Travel Counsellors’ business model has flourished. Over 1,100 professional agents across the globe now run their own travel business with our support.

“As the first homeworking travel company to launch in Ireland, we have been operating here for over six years and we have been delighted to see the business grow from strength to strength. Now with 43 Travel Counsellors across the country, we have recruited some of the best travel professionals and provided them with all the tools, technology and support to grow successful travel businesses and do the job they love working from a home office.

“Despite our expansion, however, we have taken great pains to ensure we never forget the family values the company is built upon. Using award-winning technology, we harness the collective and local experience of hundreds of travel experts and share their knowledge across vast distances in the click of a button, through webcam, instant message and email. Our daily TCTV webcasts from head office in Cork and the senior management team ensure our agents are kept completely up to date, so even though they work from home, they can never feel alone.

“We have a host of stories from Travel Counsellors who have connected to their fellow colleagues across the globe to share knowledge and solve customer queries. From advise on where to find the most delicious BBQ food on the Gold Coast of Australia, to the best route for a scenic rail tour in Canada, our agents can pop a question on our intranet message boards and a flood of useful advice from their international colleagues appears in seconds.

“It’s this unique, caring ethos, coupled with the fact that each and everyone one of us wants to do the very best for our customers, that makes Travel Counsellors such a very special company to work for.”


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