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Travel Tip Tuesday from Ava Farrelly

This weeks #traveltiptuesday is from the newest member of the ITTN team, Ava Farrelly. Ava loves alternative ways of travelling and accommodation styles. She shares her tops tips for staying in an Airbnb.

Look outside of the City Centre

If you’re travelling to a popular city and can afford the inconvenience, there are benefits to booking your Airbnb slightly outside the centre. Less central homes tend to be more spacious for a cheaper rate – and you’ll have the opportunity to explore areas you may not otherwise have considered.  

Travel in a group

Airbnb hosts a huge range of accommodation sites; some can be quite extravagant while others have their unique quirks. Travelling in a group will allow for a wider selection of larger, more interesting homes. Not to mention the split cost will often do less damage to your bank balance.  

If you can, be flexible

If you’re not working with a fixed schedule, have a play around with your getaway dates. Travelling in the middle of the week will often bring up more plentiful and diverse search results for your chosen location. Checking various dates throughout the week will also you give you more options to choose from. 

Always check reviews

Airbnb is its own community and the review system is your best friend when it comes to choosing where to stay. Reading reviews from other users will give you a better idea of what to expect from your Airbnb and host so you can select a home that best suits you. The ‘Superhost’ badge is always a good indicator of a well-liked and trustworthy host and is usually a good place to start.  

Treat your Airbnb and host respectfully

This point should go without saying – it’s common decency, treat others as you would like to be treated. If the idea of being liked and validated by others hasn’t convinced you already, this might just do the trick. Your host can review you right back. Any reviews on your account can be viewed by future hosts and used as grounds for accepting or denying your booking.  

Thank you for your tips Ava and welcome to the team.


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