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Travel Counsellors Launches New Community Platform ‘TC World’

Travel Counsellors has launched a brand-new internal Community Platform, “TC World”, to further unite the global community of over 2000 Travel Counsellors and support colleagues, including its 80 Travel Counsellors in the Republic of Ireland.

This comes as the business continues to focus on building and enhancing its platform of support for its business owners, with the company seeing a continual increase in enquiries and bookings, as consumer confidence builds, and travellers look for trusted travel advice more than ever.

A blend between social and forum technologies, the platform is a virtual space where people can come together to meet, connect, and collaborate, enabling them to reach their goals, whilst at the same time creating social bonds that will last a lifetime.

Cathy Burke, Managing Director at Travel Counsellors Ireland, said: “As a business, we have built an incredibly strong culture, focusing on how we always keep things personal and people feel part of a community, so even though our business owners work remotely they never feel alone.

“This was more important than ever during the pandemic, where incredibly we saw our community grow even stronger in the face of such adversity.

“Through TC World, we want to make our online world as special as our physical world, whilst enhancing and strengthening the ability for our people to share and learn together.”

Positive Engagement

On the day of launch, 86.6 per cent of the global Travel Counsellors community visited TC World.

There were 11,183 individual page visits and 187 discussion threads started, with topics ranging from itinerary ideas for long-haul destinations to advice on corporate travel.

TC World builds on and evolves the already robust internal information system, including an intranet, centralised hubs that host specialised information from wellbeing to marketing and an intuitive knowledge base.

The launch of TC World further connects the plethora of support available, but importantly is designed to take innovation, collaboration, and community to a whole new level.

Cathy added: “We are confident and optimistic about the future of our business and understand that our true value is in our people.

“That’s why we have chosen to invest in this community driven platform.

“This latest enhancement is just one part of a wider program for continuous improvement, ensuring that as we emerge from the pandemic, we build back better”





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