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Think Bodrum – Think Unique Style

“There is no doubt that Bodrum is impressive – not in the traditional sense of vast and large, but rather by virtue of its warmth and unique character,” writes Joan Scanlon, Head of Sales & Operations, Wings Abroad Holidays. THINK TURKEY-expect more


“A world-renowned holiday and entertainment peninsula, Bodrum is a paradise waiting to be explored. Bodrum has got style, a style all of its own. Picture the sheer beauty of a town of white houses, blue windows clad in laced curtains, nestling beside the azure of the Aegean.

White houses and blue windows in Bodrum
White houses and blue windows in Bodrum

“The turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea have to be seen to be believed. During your time in Bodrum, take a boat (or ‘gulet’) trip to really experience the beauty of the Aegean, its hidden coves, deserted islands and finish off with a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Blue water and gulets in Bodrum
Blue water and gulets in Bodrum

“The imprint of many cultures and civilisations means there is no end to sightseeing opportunities in the city itself, such as the famous Bodrum Castle, which has become a symbol of the region.

Bodrum Castle, symbol of the region
Bodrum Castle, symbol of the region

“For family entertainment, take a trip to Dedeman Aqua Park and choose from 23 waterslides, a 350-metre river with artificial waves, or just laze by one of the many pools.

“On top of its own personal beauty and charm, Bodrum has great restaurants and shopping outlets, plus a marina with an array of impressive yachts, making Bodrum a unique one-off creation.

“When the sun sets in Bodrum, enjoy a drink in a bar or club (there are so many to choose from) or take a walk along the seashore restaurants to the famous Halikarnas Disco, one of the biggest open air nightclubs in the world!”



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