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Supplier of the Week: Dublin Airport

Today, 19 July 2021, Ireland has adopted the EU Digital Covid Certificate. The restrictions on international travel are being lifted. For this reason, our supplier of the week is Dublin Airport. At ITTN we cannot wait to travel again and this week we will be showcasing the new ‘Ready when you are’ campaign with Dublin and Cork Airports and the new health and safety features.

COVID-19 has ensured that it has been a long time since most of the Irish population have flown, so, daa has commissioned the advertisement in support of the Irish aviation sector. The 30-second commercial is of heart-warming scenes which rekindle the joy of travelling by air again while delivering important reassurances to passengers.

Dublin Airports new advertisement features several passengers about to take a flight to enjoy some long overdue and emotional reunions.

Whether departing from Dublin or Cork Airports for the first time, or perhaps the first time in a long time, the commercial sets out to reassure passengers that daa staff are prepared and organised with the overarching message that ‘when you’re ready to go, we’re ready to help.’

A range of health and safety measures have been put in place at Dublin and Cork Airports to help protect passengers as they embark on their highly anticipated travels. Comprehensive operational readiness plans have been deployed in recent weeks in advance of the reopening of leisure and business travel.

Keep an eye on ITTN’s social media channels throughout the week for more about Dublin Airport and international travel guidelines.



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