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Shane at Thrones – ITTN Interviews Members of the Cast & Crew

Shane interviewed Ian Beattie and Ian McElhinney, actors from the phenomenal television series, Game of Thrones as part of the new Game of Thrones Studio Experience in Banbridge, Co. Down.

“The remarkable thing about this studio tour is these are the sets we went to, these are the costumes we wore, these are the props we used, these are the swords we fought with so everything about this is authentic” said Mr Beattie. He added “my personal favourite [is] this one that Amelia Clarke wore as Daenerys. If you look at it very closely, she’s wearing a silver chain but if you look even closer there are two perfect miniature dragon heads on top of chain and that attention to detail permeated every single aspect of Game of Thrones, everything from the props – the attention to detail and sets – the attention to detail – the costumes. Everything about the detail is incredible and I think that’s what the fans are really going to enjoy when they come here”

Ian McElhinney explains “It was fairly evident fairly early on that the vision and the ambition was huge and certainly, I think, by the time it came to the second season everybody thought this is definitely going places. It did go places in a big way.” He added “as a visitor coming to it you have only ever seen it on screen. Now you’re going to be in it… the detail, craftsmanship is phenomenal … everything is done with incredible detail and incredible quality.”


Game of Thrones Studio Tour

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Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen has been managing director of a media production studio for nearly 20 years working on projects for a global clientele. He has worked in the travel industry for over a decade and as a travel journalist since 2015. He is passionate about travel, film & photography. He also has a keen interest in emerging technology.


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