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S.S. Beatrice Sets Sail on Inaugural Cruise for Uniworld

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection’s newest super ship, the S.S. Beatrice, has set sail for her maiden voyage along the Danube from Budapest to Giurgiu.

Debuting with a fresh, sleek, yacht-like design, the S.S. Beatrice is the first vessel in the brand’s award-winning fleet of floating boutique hotels to be upgraded to super ship status.

“We are thrilled to continue to offer guests the highest standard in river cruising with the debut of S.S. Beatrice,” said Ellen Bettridge, President, Uniworld. “We have seen great success with all of our super ships and their level of luxury demonstrates the way forward for the brand.

“We are excited to bring all of our ships up to this impeccable standard, with plans to upgrade the River Empress and River Royale to super ships in 2019.”

The S.S. Beatrice has yacht-style light wood with blue and white finishes throughout. Its renovated lobby features elegant mirrors, marble floors, a white Murano chandelier with blue shades, and a grand staircase made of nickel and black iron – a signature design element of Uniworld’s super ships.

The ship’s redesigned lounge includes sofas and chairs with hand-made upholstery, a parquet floor and upholstered ceiling panels, solar shades, and new USB ports allowing guests to charge anywhere they are sitting.

Artwork throughout the ship includes pieces from Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder and Pino Signoretto.

Additionally, the ship offers two new grand suites, each measuring 310 sq ft, and a second 390 sq ft Owner’s/Royal Suite.


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