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Qantas Grounds Entire Fleet

From 06.00 GMT today, Qantas has grounded its entire fleet – international and domestic – in response to the ongoing industrial action and as from Monday the airline will lock out all employees covered by the industrial agreements currently being negotiated with the Australian Licenced Engineers Union, the Transport Workers Union and the Australian and International Pilots Union. Approximately 70,000 passengers have been affected and more than 600 flights cancelled.

Aircraft currently in the air will complete the sectors they are operating. However, there will be no further Qantas domestic departures or international departures anywhere in the world. This will have an estimated financial impact on Qantas of $20 million per day.

The airline said: “The lock-out will continue until the ALAEA, the TWU and AIPA drop the extreme demands that have made it impossible for agreements to be reached.”

Jetstar flights, QantasLink flights and Qantas flights across the Tasman operated by Jetconnect will continue. Express Freighters Australia and Atlas Freighters will also continue to operate.


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