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Princess at the Panto

Forget a full Irish, the only thing you want on the menu is Sammy Sausages at the National Stadium. Rebecca Kelly and the team at Princess Cruises treated members of the Irish travel trade to a magical performance of Aladdin.

Alan Hughes, in full regalia, delighted Rebecca’s guests with a special appearance ahead of the show and the consummate professional smiled and posed for photos with delighted children (and grown-ups!).

With capacity significantly reduced and the audiences in face masks having undergone covid checks, the Sunday afternoon performance was different but only for a few moments.

Quickly, the sea of santa hats, antlers and ugly Christmas sweaters settled into a spectacular stage show and the outside world was forgotten.

The endless sequins, singing, showmanship as well as Sparkle along with the hysterical Buffy picking on poor Pat (unsuspecting father in the audience) kept everyone wonderfully amused.

The laughter (despite the masks) was infectious and a dose of family entertainment cures many maladies.

Grateful for agents’ hard work

Rebecca told us that the team at Princess Cruises were acutely conscious of the very challenging year that agents had faced and wanted to recognise and give thanks for all their hard work over the last 20 months.

It was a fantastic opportunity to get into the festive mood and remind ourselves how much a smile does for the soul.

Princess Cruises always value top class entertainment for the family and the panto was a perfect match.

Like travel, the panto has had a tough run due to Covid but the performance of Aladdin felt like the perfect tonic to banish those variant blues.


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