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Olympics Set to Welcome Limited Number of Fans

Up to 10,000 Japanese fans will be allowed into venues at the Tokyo Olympics, despite warnings from local health officials.

Overseas fans were already banned, but organisers confirmed that local spectators would be allowed in, up to a maximum of 10,000 providing it doesn’t exceed 50 per cent capacity.

Fans must wear face masks at all times and will not be allowed to shout or speak loudly.

The decision to allow spectators goes against recommendations by local health officials, who as late as last week reaffirmed that holding the games in empty stadiums was the best option.

Curiously, delegates and sponsors will not be counted as part of the 10,000 spectator limit as they will be classed as organisers.

The Olympics are due to start on 23 July.

A decision on numbers allowed for the Paralympics, which will follow on 24 August, will be made by 16 July.


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