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Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO Slams Florida Governor’s ‘Divisive’ Vaccine Plan

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) CEO Frank Del Rio has launched a blistering attack on Florida governor Ron DeSantis over his vaccine policy, branding it as ‘shameful’ and ‘beyond bizarre.’

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, the NCL boss was contemptuous of Governor De Santis’ law that prohibits businesses from asking customers about their vaccine status.

NCL is one of several cruise companies to have resumed sailing with only fully vaccinated guests on board.

Earlier this month, NCL won a ruling in a U.S. federal court that temporarily overrides Florida’s vaccine law but the governor’s office has already lodged an appeal.

“It’s beyond bizarre. It’s shameful,” Del Rio said.

“I mean, come on, give it up. This is a pandemic we are talking about, people are dying every day, Florida now is the epicentre of the epicentre.

“What does it take for common sense to rule?” he said.

Del Rio further bemoaned Florida’s stance on vaccines, arguing that it was a “state that relies on tourism; it’s the number one industry.”

“And the number one priority of any hospitality business is to keep their customers safe,” he said.

“It’s [Covid] never going to go away, it’s going to become an endemic situation,” Del Rio added.

“Society has learned to live with this virus,” he added.


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