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ITTN Onboard ‘Norwegian Viva’ Pt 3 – What About the Kids?

As all of us know, the old saying ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ only applies if you don’t have the little people with you. Any and every holiday depends on so many variables and that wholly rests with the kids. Will they be bored? Will they make friends? Will they enjoy it? Will I get to enjoy the holiday myself? 

Well, here’s what we can tell you about the new Norwegian VIVA, part of the Prima class of ships and what kind of holiday it would offer you and your family.


Family Fun Activities Onboard 

The Drop & The Rush

Norwegian Viva’s newest slides are the fastest at sea and are ten feet tall! They dare you to experience The Drop, the first free-fall slide in the world. Or race a friend on The Rush, which are duelling slides. I have to admit I didn’t do it, I’m a chicken, although I did enjoy listening to the screams when I passed by. 

The Speedway 

In this day and age of cruising I don’t know why I was surprised that a ship would have this – I mean I guess the question in each cruise production meeting is ‘what’s next?’ But a racetrack at sea? That’s special! The Viva Speedway is longer and bigger than her sister Prima’s Speedway. Three decks of track make for a fun activity and it’s one that will please all ages and all at great value at just $15 per person.   

Tee Time 

Simply my favourite activity, mainly because it’s old school, but also because – WOW – NCL went all out here. It’s the first interactive and tech-immersive mini golf at sea and it just looks and feels so cool. 

The Galaxy Pavilion 

This is what the kids would call ‘super vibe’. And I have to say it was pretty impressive on the walk-in. There is a flying theatre simulator, a TopGolf Partnership and racing simulators. And get this – they even have escape rooms! This area is a teen’s dream. 

Kids Aqua Park 

Your kids are in for some serious water play. We didn’t get to see this area but I’m pretty sure this will be a winner for all ages.

Main Pool Area 

Smaller than the usual pool areas on their other ships, NCL has clearly worked to spread out overcrowding in this area with smaller more intimate pool areas dotted around the ship. But worry not, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t the heart of the ship – because it is. With games and dancing led by the entertainment team and a tidal wave waterslide, it’s fun at the max in this area. For something a little more chill, there are amazing views in the infinity hot tubs. You won’t want to miss the sexy leg competition.

Guppies: 6 months – 3 years 

Guppies is for the littlest cruisers and offers a play space for parents to interact with their little ones. Toys, balls, and sensory items are available within the space. Probably the only disappointing part is that this area is not a drop-off area. 

Splash Academy 3 years plus 

This is a version of a kid’s club, there’s creative play and sports, and it’s open during certain times of the day and only when sailing.  

Entourage 12-17 

Entourage is for 13-17-year-olds and offers modern, digital, and inclusive options to engage teens minds. This seemed to be a winner for kids of this age with many happy teens onboard, who all looked like lifelong friends with a lot of chat like ‘I’ll catch you on snap’ drifting around the ship’s public areas.

In conclusion, I think NCL holds its own in the child activity arena, and this ship wows particularly in the slightly older child demographic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a family cruise to your valued clients.   


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