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Mallorca Tourist Board Showcases its Vintage Posters

The Mallorca Tourist Board is launching a series of early travel posters sourced from its own archive material.

Founded in 1905 – making it arguably the world’s oldest tourist board – the Fomento del Turismo de Mallorca Mallorca Vintage collection comprises of illustrative cartography featured in guidebooks produced from the 1920’s onwards, watercolours of the island’s landmarks painted in the 1930’s, and rare (first edition) posters created in the late 1940’s and 50’s.

The collection has been made possible through a “lockdown-born” collaboration with leading licensed travel poster art specialists, Stick No Bills, who made Mallorca their global headquarters in 2015, and have now curated, digitised, and remastered these rare artworks for exclusive publication from their European flagship gallery in Palma.

“We are enthralled by the unique artworks that we discovered in the Fomento’s archives and we feel privileged to have this exclusive license with which we can respectfully bring about their 21st century revival. Looking forward, we are already working on new additions to the initial Mallorca Vintage® collection with seasonal themes and atmosphere,” said Meg Gage Williams, Co-Founder of Stick No Bills.

The President of the Fomento del Turismo de Mallorca, Eduardo Gamero, said: “During lockdown we looked through our rich treasure trove of archive material and the early tourism posters that The Fomento had produced with well-known artists and illustrators over the decades from the 1930s. Stick No Bills has researched, catalogued and refined this collection, to ensure its authenticity and quality producing these second-edition prints that bring our iconic images alive once more and accessible to all fans of the island”.

If you want to buy one of these, they can be purchased online from £17.25 plus p.p. for an A4 size open edition. www.sticknobillsonline.com/mallorcavintage


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