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Is Travelling a Hobby? The 10 Most Searched For Travel Questions

Is travelling a hobby? Why is travelling important? These are just two of the most searched for travel questions, according to Club Med. The company has used Google search data to find out the top 10 travel questions people are searching for right now. Curiously, the all-important ‘will travel resume in 2021?’ only ranks 9th in the list.

Here’s the list of questions and, for extra convenience, the answers to those questions by Club Med.

The 10 most searched travel questions:

 Ranking  Question  Number of Google Searches
#1 Is travelling a hobby? 3,600
#2 Why is travelling important? 2,400
#3 Is travel insurance worth it? 1,300
#4 Is travelling safe right now? 720
#5 How do travel bloggers make money? 590
#6 Why is travelling good for you? 480
#7 Which travel credit card is the best? 390
#8 Can travelling affect your period? 320
#9 Will travel resume in 2021? 260
#10 Do travel agents still exist? 140

Travel experts answer the most searched travel questions

1) Is travelling a hobby? Yes. If you do it in your spare time for pleasure, it’s a hobby. For many people, travel ticks those boxes. The rise of DIY holiday packages and price comparison sites has meant that many people can travel cheaply and more frequently across nearby countries. Because of this, more and more people consider travelling to be one of their hobbies.

2) Why is travelling important? Travelling helps broaden our understanding of the world around us, nurturing an appreciation for other cultures and traditions. It can also build long-lasting memories and bonds with family, friends and partners. Not to mention the many physical and mental health benefits!

3) Is travel insurance worth it? Yes. Emergency medical treatment overseas can be pricey, and so it’s important to be insured before travelling. Some policies can also cover theft, lost luggage, flight delays and cancellations. Club Med offers complimentary COVID-19 insurance to protect travellers in the event that they contract the virus whilst on resort.

4) Is travelling safe right now? Although the travel industry is constantly coming up with new ways to keep people who travel safe, there’s no guarantee that travelling right now is completely risk-free.

5) How do travel bloggers make money? Travel bloggers can make money in different ways, including selling travel photos, affiliate marketing, placing ads on their blogs, social media collaborations and paid posts, and monetizing YouTube videos. Travel bloggers with large platforms can sometimes can also make money through public speaking opportunities and freelance writing gigs.

6) Why is travelling good for you? The physical and mental health benefits of travelling include: – The vitamin D boost from visiting sunnier climates can boost immunity and promote healthy bones, teeth and muscles. – Promoting gratitude and the development of positive habits. -Travelling can be educational, with some parents even opting to ‘world school’ their children, teaching them through travel experiences.

7) Which travel credit card is the best? Using a travel credit card is a great way to avoid fees when spending money abroad, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds. Although we can’t tell you which card is best, we can show you that Club Med resorts remove the need for cash or cards with our handy wristbands, everything is included!

8) Can travelling affect your period? Yes (unfortunately!) Many people who menstruate experience changes to their menstrual cycle while on holiday. Although travelling is usually associated with relaxation and de-stressing from everyday life, the stresses it puts our bodies through (late nights, diet changes) can cause changes to periods.

9) Will travel resume in 2021? The question on everyone’s lips. With vaccines becoming more available and strict testing in place in most countries, it’s hopeful that travelling will resume one day in the future. However, for now, each country has its own guidelines that must be followed before planning any trips.

10) Do travel agents still exist? In the age of travel blogs, flight comparison sites and accommodation booking apps at our fingertips, many travellers opt to plan their own holidays tailored to their needs. Despite this, travel agents continue to thrive as specialists in areas such as sustainable travel, long-haul and ski trips. While here at Club Med (with the support of our key travel agency partners), those wanting a luxurious holiday experience can trust our world-renowned, all-inclusive trips to some of the most beautiful destinations across the globe.

Estelle Giraudeau, Managing Director UK & Northern Europe at Club Med, comments: “We want to ensure our guests feel rejuvenated whilst staying in our resorts. Spending more time outdoors, learning new skills and discovering new cultures, it is undeniable that holidays help with a balanced state of mind, proving its importance. We are constantly looking at our excursions and activities programme to see how we can adapt and add to our offering. Our clientele wants so much more from a holiday and we are working hard to ensure that guests of all ages go back home with plenty of happy memories and experiences, ready and recharged to go back to their everyday lives.”



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