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Irish Golfers Spend €584 per day on Golf in Spain

In a new report launched last week shows that Irish golfers spend the most of all golf tourists to Spain with a daily spend of a staggering €584 (ahead of the Swedes at €478). Spain receives 1.2 million tourists (mainly European) who play golf .

The total segment generates €12,769 million. The average stay is 11.9 days and the average daily spend is €324, average spend per stay is €3,850. 88% of this spend is away from the golf course (including accommodation).
Golfing in Spain
The report finds that 25.7% use a travel agent for their arrangements. It is a good product to counterbalance seasonality as it is mainly in March – April and October – November and enables the hotels to stay open longer.

The report was prepared by “Instituto de Empresa” with the Spanish Association of Golf courses, the Royal Golf Federation with information from MasterCard and the Spanish tourism authorities. In Spanish: Turismo de golf radiografia de un segmento.


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