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Gatwick Express Reveals Packing Habits of Travellers

Gatwick Express has revealed how travellers packed for their holidays in summer 2011. The survey of 5,000 travellers showed that 97% pack for themselves, while 75% taught themselves and 22% were shown how to pack by their parents.

Packing is also left to the last minute: 10% leave it until four hours before departure, 35% pack within 12 hours, 45% within the last 24 hours, 8% within 48 hours of departure – and only 2% pack the week before.

On whether to make a list before packing, 55% chose not to and 45% opting to write one. Despite this, 81% still forgot to pack something.

Even when travelling with a family, 75% do not share their luggage with other family members, but take a suitcase for each person. This may be because 84% of travellers worry most about the weight of their luggage when they are packing.

For most travellers packing for a holiday is a necessary evil, but 24% thought that packing creates an exciting build-up to a trip away.

David Metherell, Marketing Manager for Gatwick Express, said: “Whenever you travel, preparation is the key – from checking you have an up-to-date passport to making sure you remember everything, as well as planning how you are going to get to the airport. At gatwickexpress.com travellers can book their tickets online in advance of their trip, not only making the preparation easier but also cheaper with a minimum 10% discount available on our website.”


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