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G Adventures names community tourism as top travel trend for 2022

G Adventures has named the top 10 travel trends for 2022, with community tourism as number one.

The tour operator released the information as part of its annual trends report.

During the pandemic, there has been an increased focus on community and local business, which may be why community tourism has hit the top spot.

It seems this may be continued as 33% of UK participants said they will focus on responsible travel in 2022.

Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, said the trends reveal the pandemic has produced “a more conscious traveller”.

He said: “The pandemic has woken travellers up and given them a chance to reflect on how they were travelling before. The data tells us they have become more purposeful and intentional about how and why they are travelling, where they are going, and are recognising the positive impact travel can have on local communities when they make decisions wisely.”

Another new trend is going on a workation. A workation generally involves being abroad while still remote working, alas ‘work away from work”. As more people continue to log in online, a healthy work and life balance are being prioritised so this trend will likely become normal in the next few years.

The top 10 trends are:

  1. Community tourism is the solution to responsible travel
  2. Travellers care about suuporting local
  3. Workations increase in popularity
  4. Hostels will make a big comeback
  5. Travellers want to disconnect from their devices
  6. Travellers will have more disposable income
  7. No more staycations – people want to visit further afield
  8. Beng more active while on holiday
  9. Wellbeing and mental is prioritised
  10. Revenge travel is out, reconnection travel is in


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