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Emirates Launches ‘Hello Tomorrow’ Global Brand

Emirates has today launched a new global brand platform and direction, themed ‘Hello Tomorrow’, which positions the global airline as “the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences”. Emirates is embarking on “an integrated marketing communications campaign with a new brand promise as the company continues its evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand”.

Emirates Boeing 777-300

Emirates says: “Designed for the age of consumer engagement and empowerment, Hello Tomorrow is about inspiring people to greet tomorrow’s unlimited potential, now. ‘Hello’ is a greeting, an invitation to a person, a place or an experience. ‘Tomorrow’ is a time, a place, a state of mind – the unlimited possibility of the future. Emirates is extending an invitation to try the unfamiliar, create new ideas, and form new visions. The theme encapsulates life’s potential and embracing the future with all the possibilities it holds.”

“Our new corporate image and global marketing campaign both underline the confidence we have in our existing products and services, and the vision we have for the future growth of the airline,” said Sir Maurice Flanagan, Vice Chairman of Emirates Airline & Group. “Emirates is not just offering a way to connect people from point A to point B but is the catalyst to connect people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. Emirates is connecting people and cultures creating relevant and meaningful experiences that are shaping the world.”

Emirates airline has grown from its early days in 1985, when it launched with just two aircraft, to its current status as one of the world’s fastest growing airlines with 171 wide-body aircraft, including the world’s largest fleet of Boeing 777s and Airbus 380s. A brand synonymous with luxury and innovation, Emirates was the first to offer inflight telephony across all classes, individual TV screens on every seat, First Class suites and an onboard Shower Spa on its A380 aircraft. From its home base in Dubai, Emirates is geographically located within an eight-hour direct flight of 75% of the world’s population – more distant routes such as the Americas are connected to the Dubai hub with long-range aircraft that fly the distance direct.

As the world becomes more interconnected, borders are being blurred and people are more mobile and globally focused than ever before; they are connecting, creating and sharing ideas that are propelling the world forward. Emirates, slated to become the world’s largest airline by 2015, represents these global individuals who the airline calls ‘globalistas’ – its customers and also its multi-cultural work force, which is made up of more than 45,000 people from over 165 different nations.

Globalistas represent individuals who are looking and living for new experiences. They are well travelled, or have aspirations to join the ranks of the well travelled. The ‘globalista’ is not defined by typical demographic statistics but by the places they have visited and the experiences they have shared. They embrace the unlimited possibility of the future and are open to an invitation to try the unfamiliar – Emirates is the brand that is enabling this global lifestyle.

The campaign launch, which begins today, features print, TV, digital advertising including some iconic billboards in New York’s Times Square and Milan’s central train station. A series of vibrant messages that represent the spirit of Tomorrow – Tomorrow Brings Us Closer to: New People, New Experiences, New Styles, New Friends, will bring Emirates’ new vision to the marketplace. Emirates’ website has also been refreshed to reflect the Hello Tomorrow messaging.

Reflecting an effort to target a younger audience, the Hello Tomorrow campaign is currently debuting with vignettes of the TV spots on Emirates’ newly launched Facebook channel. The TV commercials, outdoor and print ads will break today around the world. The new TV ads can be viewed on YouTube.

Click here to access the Emirates Youtube channel


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