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easyJet Holidays Plans to Offset Carbon Emissions from Package Holidays

easyJet Holidays says it will offset the carbon emissions from its package holidays – and won’t pass on the cost to the consumers.

Its carbon offsets will cover the fuel used for the flights, in-destination transfers and the energy used from hotel stays.

The news comes in the same week as international travel has restarted from the UK and means all future package holidays are carbon offset as well as the holiday company retrospectively offsetting the emissions for all holidays operated since it launched in November 2019.

It also announced that it would launch a full sustainability strategy “very soon.”

The easyJet airline began offsetting carbon emissions from fuel in November 2019, but is is “actively involved in the development of all-electric, hybrid and hydrogen propulsion to achieve zero-emission flying in the future.” It says it is committed to transitioning as soon as these technologies are available and viable.

Garry Wilson, easyJet holidays CEO, said; “I’m personally very passionate about sustainability and it’s an area I’ve been involved in, and committed to, throughout my time in the travel industry.

“I’m really proud that from today we become the first major tour operator to offset the carbon emissions from our holidays – so the fuel used on our flights and transfers and the energy used in hotel stays – and being able to do this without passing on any cost to the customer. People have a choice in how they travel and if people choose to go on holiday abroad, we want to be the best choice they can make. Our news today on carbon offsetting for holidays is just the first step. We look forward to sharing what else we’re committing to with our full sustainability strategy and our longer-term actions very soon.”


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