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Covid Cruise Cover Explained: Fairsure Travel Insurance

As international travel re-opens, there is some confusion surrounding acceptable Travel Insurance for cruises. It is mandatory for some cruise companies that all guests have an insurance policy that specifically covers them against COVID-19 related risks. Read on to find out exactly what it means.

This may include :

  • Cancellation
  • Interruption,
  • Repatriation expenses
  • Quarantine
  • Medical assistance, hospitalisation and related expenses

Fairsure Travel Insurance ticks the boxes and has this included with their Platinum Policy.

Section COVER LEVEL (Per Person)
Up to:
COVID Cancellation €7,500
(No excess)
If Insured catches COVID 14 days prior to departure
COVID Cancellation €7,500
(No Excess)
If travelling companion catches COVID 14 days prior to departure
COVID Cancellation €7,500
(No Excess)
If immediate relative is hospitalised due to COVID at the time of the trip
COVID Medical Expenses €7,500,000
(No Excess)
If insured catches COVID during the trip
Additional Accommodation €2,000 per person diagnosed (no group cap) Additional Accommodation / costs If insured requires additional accommodation or transportation after diagnosis of COVID up to €2,000
Curtailment/ repatriation €6,500 cover Unused portion of accommodation/transportation if required to curtail a trip due to catching Covid
Quarantine €2000 Plus medical expenses €2,000 for additional travel and accommodation costs if quarantined due to COVID diagnosis (Per person Diagnosed)
Interruption/ Repatriation €6,500
(No Excess)
Curtailment costs / unused Cruise if denied boarding due to COVD diagnosis


It is also worth noting that activities described as being ‘hazardous’  (and are often optional extras on other policies) are also built into this Platinum policy:

This includes deep-sea fishing, shark cage diving, swimming with dolphins, kite surfing, water skiing, jet boats.

For more information visit COVID Cover Resources Page.


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