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CAR Renews 92 Travel Agent Licences, Nine Still Pending

In response to questions from ITTN’s Neil Steedman, CAR’s Travel Trade Licensing Manager, Gavin Lyons, has said that no applications for the renewal of trade agent licences have been declined to date by the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

How many travel agent licence renewal applications were received in the spring round?
Of the 105 previously licensed in this round, 101 applied this spring.

How many have been renewed, how many declined, and how many are still pending?
To date, 92 have been renewed, zero have been declined, and nine are still pending.

How did applicants predict their May 2020-April 2021 turnover, given the Covid-19 uncertainties?
All applications were received prior to Covid-19 uncertainties and they submitted their projections of turnover in the normal way. In April, we offered all applicants the opportunity to revise their projections in light of Covid-19.

How is the CAR evaluating what has to be guesswork on the part of applicants?
CAR receives regular management information from businesses. This will help us to see the actual impact of Covid-19 on a business. We will work closely with licensees to monitor projected turnover to ensure that the level of bonding remains sufficient.

When do you envisage that the licence renewal process will be finalised?
We are continuing to work towards the finalisation of the current round, which we will conclude as soon as possible.

When will the CAR website list of travel agent licences be updated?

We will update our website once the round has been finalised.


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