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Air Accident Investigation Conference for Dublin

Dublin will host the European Civil Aviation Conference Group of Experts on Accident Investigation (ECAC/ACC) on 22nd – 23rd November 22nd, coinciding with Ireland’s appointment as Chair of the Group. Up to 100 delegates are expected to attend.

The conference will review accidents and serious incidents that occurred in member States over the previous year, including an update by the French and Brazilian authorities on the investigation into the loss of Air France 447 over the Atlantic. It will also review practices for recovering aircraft wreckage and flight recorders from underwater locations.

This will be the inaugural meeting for the newly appointed Chairman of ECAC/ACC, Jurgen Whyte, who is Chief Inspector of Air Accidents in the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit, and who has been appointed as Chairman of the Group for a three-year term.

ECAC was founded in 1955 and is Europe’s oldest aviation body. It brings together civil aviation officials from across Europe, and now includes 44 member States, along with representatives from other civil aviation organisations and countries outside the region such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Singapore.

Jurgen Whyte said: “I would like to see ECAC/ACC expand beyond pure accident investigation to include broader aspects of the aviation safety system.

“I am keen for members and observers to share their experiences with us, and find ways to ensure that we have a consistent and focused common approach to independent accident investigation, while taking into account the many players involved and the consequences our investigations have on all interested parties. In particular I want to bring out the international dimension of ECAC/ACC, and most importantly our observers.”


  1. Can u give me the minutes or presentation or minutes of the Air Crash Investigation Conference in Dublin on 23 and 24 November 2011, if u could please email the info to [email protected]. Also will there be a conference this year? If Yes can u advice me the dates.

    Thanks Fionn


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