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ITIC: Inbound and Domestic Tourism Sector Has €15bn Potential

Ireland’s inbound tourism industry has the potential to be worth €15bn to the national economy, a new report has claimed.

A detailed new assessment of domestic tourism’s economic and environmental potential was published this week by the sector’s main representative group and lobbying voice the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) – tying in with its annual conference.

ITIC said the domestic tourism sector has the potential to employ up to 350,000 people across the country and deliver annual tax receipts of €3.5bn to the exchequer. It also said its carbon footprint can be “significantly” reduced.

ITIC said: “That is the potential for Irish tourism, the country’s largest indigenous industry and biggest regional employer. But to achieve this industry needs to be innovative and dynamic, Government policy needs to be pro-tourism and pro-enterprise, and state agencies will need to provide enabling support and resources.”

In its report, ITIC said: “We are at a critical juncture for Irish tourism. Profoundly damaged by pandemic restrictions, the industry – with generous Government support – survived the crisis and in the last 18 months has made strides of real recovery. However challenges abound, some traditional such as competitiveness and investment, some new such as the impact of artificial intelligence and a war on the European continent.”

“It is our view that by 2030 Ireland will have become one of Europe’s preferred destinations for sustainable nature, culture and hospitality-based tourism experiences; will exceed the expectations of its widening customer visitor base; and will be a destination renowned for its hospitality that is delivered by well trained and rewarded career professionals…The size of the prize in terms of tourism’s full recovery is significant. Let’s grasp it.”

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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