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Is Your Google Ads Strategy Creating Loyal and Valuable Customers?

At VROOM Digital, we understand that finding and engaging with your most loyal and valuable customers over the long term is key to maximising profits. Your profitability is tied to value and loyalty. Therefore, our key metric is driving more conversions amongst your prime audience, leading to higher customer lifetime value and eventually higher profitability.

Clients often ask: ‘how can you turn the people who subscribe to our YouTube channel into buyers?’ or ‘where do we find people who sign up for our paid subscriptions because our service makes their life a bit easier?’

It’s time to look at your Google Ads strategy.

There are millions of hospitality, travel, and tourism competitors, meaning it’s more important than ever to capture attention and keep customers engaged, so they keep coming back. Engagement campaigns direct existing users to fresh and relevant content by putting your best content, most relevant offers, and latest products forward, making you more likely to win attention and earn new clients.

The latest tool from Google Ads is Performance Max; early results have been solid; an excellent tool to help you find incremental high-value customers across Google’s full range of ad channels. You provide inputs like your campaign goal and creative assets, and Performance Max will prioritise the audiences most likely to bring the most value to your business. Using PMax, you could see an average increase of 13% in total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action. Of course, not every customer spends the same time or money with you, so finding and engaging with the most loyal and valuable customers over the long term is key to maximising your profits.

At the recent Google Live conference, Traveloka took part in a travel panel and spoke about their success year on year and how they saw a massive trend of recovery and growth by leveraging their existing reach to unlock value and efficiency at scale. Their approach was to look at the impact of shifting the focus of their leading strategy from bookings to return on ad spend and value-based bidding. They used first-party data built on a non-customer profile, harnessing Google’s proprietary signals to create a results-driven campaign to drive higher conversion value, retrospectively measuring bookings on their platform for four weeks.

The results were incredible. With a reported 14% uplift in average booking value and an 11% higher return on ad spend. Automation ensured their campaign was continuously reviewed and automatically updated to ensure peak performance. These excellent results meant what was originally an experiment is now an essential part of the client’s marketing strategy.

As a 2022 Google Premier Partner, VROOM Digital is proud to be among Ireland’s top 3% of Google Partners. Our collaboration with Google will leverage your capacity to fulfil your needs and aspirations to gain more comprehensive customers.

Want to know more about maximising your Google Ads strategy? Read our EPIC Museum, Carhire.ie, Sandymount Hotel case studies, or read testimonials from many others; UNICEF, SiSu Clinics, Doolin Ferry Company, TIFCO Hotels etc. Reach out to [email protected] for more details.

Allie Sheehan
Allie Sheehan
I have worked in the travel industry for seven years, from working in American Holidays and The Travel Corporation I have a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of travel. Before joining ITTN I worked for Facebook which gave me the inside knowledge of the wonderful world of social media. I have a BSc in Event Management and am also a qualified beauty therapist (which definitely comes in handy in this business). Recently I joined the AWTE Ireland committee and I am enjoying working with and connecting with the network of women in travel.


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