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ITA Airways Selects Amadeus’ Technology to Power its Growth Strategy

ITA Airways has chosen Amadeus’ technology to support its ambitious development plan.
Thanks to ITA’s and Amadeus’ agile approach, the migration is expected to be completed by
early 2023.

The strategy of the new airline is to put a strong focus on digitalization to provide a superior passenger experience. Joining a community of 200+ airlines worldwide will contribute to ITA Airways realising this strategy thanks to the Amadeus Airline Platform, an open technology platform built for innovation, agile collaboration, and simplified interactions. Since ITA Airways is also a distribution partner, the benefits of using the Altéa PSS also extend to Amadeus travel sellers as they have the unique advantage of working on the same technology platform that ITA Airways uses. It also gives them access to real-time data and
allows them to better serve their customers.

“We are a fast-moving and agile airline, our transformation path is focused on customer centricity; the evolution of our processes supported by digitalization is a must for our strategy in order to offer to our customers a superior traveler experience” says Giovanni Anastasi Chief Transformation Officer of ITA Airways. ITA will also adopt revenue management, dynamic pricing, merchandising, data management, and passenger servicing solutions. Its passengers will benefit from the weband mobile channels powered by the Amadeus Digital Experience suite, offering the simplest user experience possible to purchase flight tickets and manage bookings. The airline will also implement Amadeus Altéa NDC to increase personalization options and enhanced retailing across channels.

Jack Goddard
Jack Goddard
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