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Teenagers Effectively Barred from Malta

Malta’s tight entry restrictions will effectively bar teenagers from entering the country and taking part in a family holiday.

Current rules for entry into Malta require that everyone over 12 be vaccinated or else face a 14-day quarantine – even with a negative PCR test.

But given that there are no plans to vaccinate under-18s in at least half of the EU including Ireland, it means that teenagers will effectively be unable to participate in holidays on the islands with their parents.

Children aged 5-11 must have a negative PCR test and must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult. Children under 5 do not need a test.

Malta only accepts the EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) as proof of vaccination in the EU. It will not accept the HSE vaccination certificate, as some Irish passengers discovered to their dismay earlier this week when they were told they would have to quarantine because local authorities did not accept the HSE certificate.

They are currently in quarantine, but can leave it earlier than the 14-day allotted period if they receive their DCC. The Department of Foreign Affairs is currently liaising with Maltese authorities over the issue.

The DCC is also designed to show whether you’ve had a negative Covid test or have recovered from the virus in the last 180 days, but currently the DCC is only being issued to the 2 million or so who’ve been vaccinated.

Malta’s entry rules make it impossible for families with teenagers to take a holiday on the island, as it means that while the (fully vaccinated) parents and young children (fully tested) will be allowed in, teenage children will have to undergo a period of quarantine.

Asked for a comment on the above, Tolene van der Merwe, Director UK & Ireland with the Malta Tourism Office, said: “We are delighted that non-essential travel has resumed from Ireland on 19 July.

“The countries in the EU have different requirements for entry, and the Maltese Health Authority has confirmed that fully vaccinated people (for at least 14 days), aged 12 and over, with the EU Digital Covid Certificate can enter Malta without further restrictions.

In Ireland’s case this is the EU covid passport”.







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