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Spanish Tourism Board Celebrates World Paella Day

Today is World Paella Day – the 5th edition of the global day of recognition for what is officially the 4th most important dish on the planet.

The annual day not only serves to highlight one of the cornerstones of Spanish cuisine, but also the great city of Valencia, from where the humble rice dish hails.

The Spanish Tourism Board in Dublin officially marked the occasion with a paella making/tasting event (as can be seen below) – along with many of its counterparts around the world from Mumbai and Toronto to Helsinki and Canton.

World Paella Day is held every September 20 in order to mark the annual rice harvest in the Valencia region. Within just 5 years, the event has swelled to become a huge global celebration.

This year’s day of recognition includes the third annual staging of the World Paella Day Cup – where 10 international chefs compete to make the best paella.

The competition – taking place today – will feature chefs from France, Switzerland, Japan, the US, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Finland and Italy.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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