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SiteMinder World Hotel Index shows  bookings in Ireland triple

Data by SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, reveals that minimal planning will go into the trips of the post-COVID hotel guest. The data stems from new indicators within the World Hotel Index, which show that hotel bookings in Ireland more than tripled this past week, from 14.57%  YoY to 46.77% YoY, after it was announced that locals could recommence travelling anywhere in their county.

With hotels in Ireland set to reopen at the end of June, more than 70% of bookings made within the last two weeks are for stays during July and August.

“The guest journey remains unchanged, but with a new lens into the post-COVID guest, we are wiser for knowing that today’s traveller is a minimalist when it comes to planning. And, for good reason, as we all continue to reflect on how rapidly our world has changed,” says Mike Ford, Managing Director at SiteMinder. “The trend of last-minute bookings is truer now than ever before.”

Hotel bookings globally have now surpassed a third of 2019 levels. Among other recent findings from the SiteMinderWorld Hotel Index:

  • Germany has broken through the halfway barrier, with hotel bookings now sitting at 20% of last year’s volumes to lead the momentum in continental Europe.
  • Hotel bookings in New Zealand have surged from 96% YoY to 73.18% YoY in the last two weeks, nearly three-in-four of which are for stays during June and July. The rise comes as the country declared COVID-free status on 8 June.
  • Taiwan’s hotel bookings are almost back to their volumes this same time last year. Taiwan continues to lead the world in momentum, with bookings at 72% YoY. Four-in-five of those bookings are for stays in June and July.


The World Hotel Index shows how hotel booking volumes are changing, as well as the arrival dates and starting destinations of the travellers behind those bookings.


To see the hotel booking momentum and guest horizon in other countries, access the live SiteMinder World Hotel Index or sign up for weekly snapshots at HomeForHotels.


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