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Remember – the ITAA Benevolent Fund is There to Help

The past eight months have been horrific for staff in ITAA travel agencies. Job losses have been widespread and must be causing much pain and anguish as income plummets and stress levels rise. If you know someone who is struggling, please remind them that the ITAA Benevolent Fund has some money available for emergencies.

John Galligan writes: “We can’t put right the destruction of the past eight months but we might be able to give those in most need a helping hand to get them over a temporary hump. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a genuine and urgent need. We will do what we can with our limited means, so we can give limited short-term assistance in emergency cases only.

“This is support for individuals only, not for businesses. ITAA staff and owners are eligible, but not corporate entities or the business part of sole traders.

“If you are going through a rough patch, or if you know someone who is, contact one of the following people for a chat. Everything is conducted in the strictest confidence, so nobody will ever know you have been in touch. What we do is unseen, but we have been helping ITAA travel staff in need, for decades. We hope you don’t need us. But if you do, we are here for you.”

John Galligan [email protected]
Barry Walsh [email protected]
Audrey Headon [email protected]
Bepi Gaidoni [email protected]
Maria Dilworth [email protected]
Frances Grogan [email protected]


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