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Playa Hotels & Resorts Launches Revised Agent Rewards Incentive Programme

Playa Hotels & Resorts launches a revised agent rewards incentive programme this week, offering a wider choice of earning potential to suit individual needs.

From 24 March 2023, Playa Rewards will allow agents to earn either reward points or cash for every booking made across the Playa Hotels & Resorts’ all-inclusive Caribbean collection.

Rewards are available on a per room, per night basis with no room night cap. Cash can be collected and credited to an agents’ personal account whilst points can be collected and converted into free night stays at select properties.

This rewards incentive upgrade, which is available via www.playarewards.com, super charges agent earning power with extended stays of seven-nights or more now qualifying for the per room, per night rewards – both cash and point rewards.

Plus, the higher the room category booked, the greater the rewards up for grabs. For agents opting to collect reward points, there is an opportunity to convert them into free night stays at their convenience.

Rewards will rack up quickly with agents able to earn a minimum 30 points or a cash reward of €1.70 (£1.50) per room, per night on a room category classified as low, and up to 100 points or €5.69 (£5) per room, per night for a room category classified as high.

Point redemption can be easily exchanged for a free night stay with a minimum 700 points needed for a stay at select Wyndham, Seadust and Jewel properties across the Caribbean. At the higher end of the scale, 1400 points can be used to secure a one night stay at Jewel Grand. 

Jade Calver, Business Development Manager, Playa Hotels & Resorts, said: “We are excited to bring this level of earning flexibility to agents. Allowing them to choose their rewards based on their needs will revolutionise Playa Rewards, supporting agents on an individual basis. Cash rewards allow agents to continue to build credit that supplements their income whilst the option to convert points in to free night stays provides an opportunity to experience Playa’s unique product offering first-hand, supporting agent learning and product knowledge.”

From 24 March 2023, all new bookings logged via Playa Rewards will fall under these new reward incentive rules and agents can begin flexible earning with the choice to earn cash rewards or convert points into free stays.

Agents can register for Playa Rewards, discover more about the Playa Rewards programme or simply log their bookings by visiting www.playarewards.com now.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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