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PATA Targets 30% Increase In Agent Engagement For 2024

Pacific Asia Travel Association, UK & Ireland (PATA) achieved record attendance at their travel agent training events in 2023, with 600 agents participating.

This year, PATA aims to further increase agent engagement at its events across the UK and Ireland, targeting a 30% rise in agent involvement by year-end. 

Marketing & Events Manager Betsie Barr emphasised the significance of PATA’s events in industry training and its role in facilitating agent development: “We’re absolutely delighted with the agent attendance at our PATA 2023 events, which was a record for us. This demonstrates the power and importance of PATA to the industry and the role it plays in facilitating agent training for the sector.

We are also really pleased with agent attendance so far at events this year and eager to enhance engagement even further. More training events with new formats, new destinations, and new venues will be added in 2024. Stay tuned for updates!”

PATA hosts 15 training events per year across the UK & Ireland, a mix of in person and online. That’s an average of more than one a month.

PATA is also enhancing its membership programme including introducing new categories including Representation which naturally brings access to even more products as rep companies have multiple clients from hotels to tour companies and attractions.

Ms Barr added:We are proud to offer budget stability to members by freezing membership prices at 2023 rates. We want to support our existing members and encourage new members to join which ultimately benefits travel agents as PATA will offer an even more diverse network and increased learning opportunities.”

PATA has welcomed 9 new members in the last 6 months, taking the total number of members to 76.

Recent New Members:

  • Nomad Archipelago, FINN Partners
  • SALT Representation
  • Threeland Travel DMC, SRC20
  • Sunsail & The Moorings
  • Elevate DMC, We Define Travel
  • Kata Group & Beyond Resorts, Reps Unlimited
  • Select Representation
  • RX Wellness Company, Thailand
  • Four Seasons Resorts Bali
Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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