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Pandora Jewellery Founder Enters Tourism Market with ‘Annassurra’ Hotel Concept

The co-founder of the popular Pandora jewellery brand – Danish man Per Enevoldsen – has entered the travel and tourism world with a new business called Annassurra.

The concept is new hotels with deep connections to their surrounding cities.

The Danish company – co-founded by Mr Enevoldsen and his business partner Steen Bock – is based in Copenhagen. However, its first project, The Largo, has just recently opened in Porto in northern Portugal.

Per and I have visited so many places, with so many different hosts and in many different contexts, but one thing that consistently strikes us is feeling embraced and enveloped by the locals and their culture — those are the destinations which leave the biggest impact on us,” said Mr Bock.

The philosophy behind Annassurra was to create considered spaces with meaningful connections to the local neighbourhood, and implement detailed service with an emphasis on hosting.

The two men spent years searching for a site for their first project, and found that with its intersection between craft, community, heritage, arts and food, Porto was the perfect spot.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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