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Is Your Travel Insurance Adequate for these Uncertain Times?

To say that the travel industry has and is facing uncertain times is an understatement. Therein lays an additional reason why consumers of travel insurance need to be extra vigilant when purchasing their travel cover so that they can successfully process and receive compensation if and when needed.

Roland Hesse, Managing Director of Allianz Partners is urging customers to ensure the travel insurance policy they purchase, adequately covers for extenuating circumstances emerging from the threat of coronavirus and is relevant to their needs, by asking questions such as:
If I, or a member of my party becomes sick, for whatever reason, in advance of travel and travel plans need to be cancelled, what documentation needs to be attached to my insurance claim, like a doctor’s certificate for example?
If I am travelling to a country where restrictions have been announced since booking, what protocols should I follow?
If I have arrived in a country that subsequently has been declared to be in the “red” zone, does the insurance policy purchased, provide the right cover for actions and unexpected expenses I may be faced with?

Policies vary both in price and cover, and all eventualities should be considered specifically to the parties travelling. Green zones, red zones, falling ill while abroad or before travel, redundancies, government restrictions, unexpected need to quarantine, and so on.

Hesse adds, “These more complicated times come with the need for consumers to be very attentive to the unusual circumstances that could arise beyond their control. They need to be aware of what is and isn’t covered and they need to ensure that the claims team are furnished with the specified documentation to guarantee successful and efficient processing of claims payment. That does mean reading the small print to avoid any additional inconveniences.”

For further information and/or assistance visit https://www.allianz-assistance.ie/ where our team will be happy to answer your specific questions.


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