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IATA Commits to Net-Zero Carbon Target by 2050

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has committed to achieving a net zero carbon target by 2050.

Airlines were previously committed to cut CO2 emissions by 50% of the 2005 level by 2050.

The new target was announced at this year’s annual general meeting.

Aviation accounts for roughly 2 per cent of global emissions and is one of the most difficult industries to decarbonise, and Iata admitted the target was a significant challenge.

Willie Walsh, IATA Director General explains, “Decarbonising the airline industry is a real challenge because we don’t have a clear solution in the short term. But we do believe very strongly that there is a credible path to net-zero.”

The industry’s road map relies on 65 per cent of emission reductions coming from sustainable aviation fuel, new plane technologies and new power sources like electric or hydrogen power. Carbon capture and carbon offset programs will also have a role.

Walsh urged support for the resolution, telling members “We recognise the freedom to fly will depend on our ability to fly sustainably.”

“Like all industries, we must reduce and eventually eliminate carbon emissions.”


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