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Guest Speakers Deliver Inspiration and Motivation to Delegates

Each year Travel Counsellors invite special guests to the conference to share their experiences and thoughts on subjects from how to succeed in business to how to stay motivated through challenging times.

In keeping with the conference’s ‘Be Inspired’ theme, motivational guest speaker and social entrepreneur Caroline Casey (above) took to the stage to deliver a truly personal and touching speech about living with blindness and dedicating her life to raising awareness about disabilities.

Caroline proved to the audience that anything is possible if you set your mind to it, including sharing her story of a 1,000km trek across India on an elephant. Speaking from experience, Caroline emphasised that failure is the most important lesson of all and that it is how you act afterwards that will set you apart: “Failure is your friend, pick yourself up and carry on,” she said.

She addressed the audience to tell them that “your unique selling point is you” – business is about relationships and being personal and it is imperative to keep that at the heart of your business.

Travel Counsellor Lynne Keane said: “Caroline Casey has inspired me to be so much more grateful for what I have and to know that the power to achieve is all within me.”

Guest speaker Barbara Moynihan
Guest speaker Barbara Moynihan

Delegates also welcomed business expert Barbara Moynihan, who gave a highly insightful presentation about ‘how to network like a natural’. As a consultant with ‘On your Feet’, Barbara was able to give first-hand feedback, tips and advice about the importance of networking in building your business, and the most effective methods and practices to engage potential customers.

Cathy Burke said: “We feel it is important to invite speakers from outside of the company to come and present to our Travel Counsellors, as the insights and advice they offer complement the training and support that we deliver throughout the year. This year both of our guest speakers were truly inspiring. Barbara was able to give some fantastic, practical business advice to help our agents to network and build their businesses, while Caroline’s inspirational story and motivational insights didn’t leave a dry eye in the house!”


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