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Florida Ranked Top State in the US for Golfers

Florida has been ranked the top State in the US for golfers, earning a score of just over 64/100 in a study by relocation experts My Baggage.

Colorado and Arizona were ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list, with Louisiana ranking worst with a score of only 5.3/100.

Paul Stewart, Managing Director of My Baggage, said: “While states like Florida hold a high concentration of courses and coaching; golfers in places like Louisiana, ranked lower in resources by the recent study, might find themselves drawn to trying golf vacations to renowned destinations. They may even add a competitive edge to their golfing experience by testing their skills in tournaments across state lines.”  

 “For passionate golfers, this ranking suggests a compelling reason to explore beyond their home turf, especially when they help stretch your money further. Different states can offer unique climates, terrains, and course designs, creating a chance to experience the game in entirely new ways, all whilst offering better value for your tee time.”  

Florida, scoring 64.42 out of 100, ranks as the best state for golfers. With 1,131 golf courses, the most in any state, it also has the highest number of available PGA coaches, standing at 329 instructors. Florida also boasts the most Platinum Clubs in America, with 12 listed in the 2023-2024 ranking—double that of California. This list includes renowned places like Seminole, Old Marsh, and Adios Golf Club. They have 96 upcoming tournaments starting this month and offer 437 driving ranges for practice.  

Colorado ranks second with a score of 62.91 out of 100. For its 5.87 million residents, the state offers 263 golf courses, 167 driving ranges, and 109 PGA coaches. While Castle Pines in Castle Rock is the state’s sole platinum club, Colorado has produced a wealth of golfing talent, including Wyndham Clark, Jennifer Kupcho, and John Schlee. Golf enthusiasts can also look forward to upcoming tournaments, including the Colorado Open and the Denver Senior City Amateur

Scoring 59.79 out of 100, Arizona ranks third with 305 courses distributed throughout the state. These courses cater to various golfers, including those seeking a challenge at the two Platinum Clubs of America: Desert Highlands and Whisper Rock Golf Club.For golfers seeking to improve their skills, Arizona offers 173 driving ranges and has 108 PGA coaches available. The state also maintains a busy golf tournament schedule featuring 36 upcoming events. 

With a score of 57.33 out of 100, South Carolina offers a golf course for approximately every 16,000 residents and a driving range for every 28,500 residents. While it has only one Platinum Club of America, the Sage Valley Golf Club, the state offers 75 PGA coaches. There are also 58 upcoming tournaments, building on the excitement of the recent RBC Tour last month. 

Wyoming also makes the rankings with a score of 54.82 out of 100. Despite having only eight upcoming tournaments and 5 PGA coaches, the state has produced notable golfers like Jim Benepe and is home to a Platinum Club of America, The Club at 3 Creek. Wyoming offers 42 driving ranges and has a golf course for approximately every 10,000 residents. 

Pennsylvania is ranked sixth at 54.04, followed by New York at 52.43, Minnesota at 52.11, Illinois at 51.93, and Maryland at 50.90. 

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