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Fexco Expands PACE Sustainability Analytics Product to Airports and Corporate Tourism

PACE – the sustainability data and analytics product suite of Kerry-based fintech and payments giant Fexco – has launched PACE Data Services; a new product specifically for corporate travel purposes.

The new product suite provides insights for the airport and corporate travel sectors to measure, manage and mitigate their emissions.

Built on PACE’s data platform, a global benchmark for the aviation industry, the service aligns with carbon reduction regulations by using live flight tracking data to monitor over 99% of commercial flights and analyse over 370,000 routes. PACE’s suite of data and analytics is already relied upon by most of the aviation finance sector and the largest financial institutions in the world, like JP Morgan and SMBC. PACE Data Services will provide airports with a cohesive and precise view of their flight-related emissions. This data will be critical to enabling airports to better manage and mitigate their emissions.

In the corporate travel sector, PACE’s data will enable more informed decision-making when it comes to both booking travel and providing more accurate reporting of corporate travel emissions. Recent research from Deloitte shows one in three companies is seeking guidance from travel management companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Since its launch in 2022, PACE has become the only Irish company to meet stringent independent aviation measurement standards, including the recent Pegasus Guidelines.

“This new service builds on PACE’s rapid growth, driven by demand to address carbon emissions across the aviation value chain,” said Cathal Foley, CEO of PACE. “This will enable airports and corporate travellers to better understand how we fly better while continuing to support ambitious growth strategies. PACE’s vision is to be the global leader in the spaces we operate and deploy our data to enable meaningful change.”

“We are an island and so the aviation sector is a vital part of Ireland’s economy, both as a contributor and an enabler of economic growth. But aviation, like all sectors, will have to transition to a new low-carbon future. It is very exciting to see an Irish company positioned to help transform this sector by utilising its exceptional data and analytics to inform better conversations across the aviation value chain. Measurement is critical to understanding the real impact of carbon reduction measures and claims,” said Transport Minister Eamon Ryan. “Ireland has globally acknowledged aviation expertise, and it is fitting that a successful Irish multinational like Fexco is leading the way in meaningfully enabling the sector to make better decisions on its journey to net zero emissions.”

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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