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Explora Journeys Partners with Pelorus For Destination Cruises to Scotland and Iceland

Explora Journeys, the luxury lifestyle hospitality brand of the MSC Group, has partnered with Pelorus, the ultimate experiential travel company, for destination experiences in Scotland and Iceland.

Explora Journeys will offer guests onboard EXPLORA I the chance to experience extraordinary and immersive land-based adventures before or after their ocean journey with the exclusive partnership, commencing with two itineraries in September 2023, each lasting 5 days.

With a Pelorus host, guests will take a deep dive into the destinations to gain a unique and richer understanding of nature, culture, and history.

Guests will experience a wide variety of activities from high octane helicopter adventures, wild water rafting, and meeting a wild food forager to attending iconic cultural festivals.

Michael Ungerer, Chief Executive Officer of Explora Journeys said:We are delighted to be in partnership with Pelorus to help us take luxurious adventures and a sense of discovery to the next level. How the two former Captains of the British Army reconnaissance regiment cofounders use their military precision and training to help craft unforgettable experiences is unique. The ingenuity of the bespoke itineraries created for Explora Journeys is set to surpass expectations”.

We are hugely excited to be partnering with Explora Journeys and delivering world class experiences together. We have planned some truly unique, memorable and luxury adventures that aim to transform the way our guests see the world. Both brands share a desire to travel with purpose and we look forward to building a strong long term partnership,” said Geordie Mackay-Lewis – Co-Founder and CEO of Pelorus.

Explora Journeys and Pelorus share a brand promise that making a positive and sustainable impact on the world is paramount to our ways of doing business. Creating life-enriching experiences that are rooted in meaning and purpose drives both brands. We look forward to offering these authentic, immersive and impactful experiences,” said Sacha Rougier, Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experiences at Explora Journeys.

In the coming years, Pelorus and Explora Journeys will also offer opportunities for guests to disembark and indulge in Pelorus experiences in Alaska, British Columbia, Costa Rica and Japan, amongst others.

Explora Journeys’ current and ongoing sustainability measures are at the forefront of the brand’s approach, spanning onboard, ashore, and environmental supporting technologies and emissions control systems. With this, Explora Journeys aligns with like-minded third parties and suppliers, making Pelorus an obvious partner owing to its synergy and resonating ethos. Pelorus captures and removes carbon emissions by working with the Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund, which collaborates with sustainable partners all over the world. The Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund was born from a desire to take a hands-on approach to removing carbon emissions – by supporting a portfolio of grassroots carbon removal projects, the fund ensures a holistic and flexible approach to climate investment.

All of the six planned luxury ships in Explora Journeys’ fleet will be equipped with the latest environmental and marine technologies and will also feature the latest selective catalytic reduction technology to enable a reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions by 90 per cent, be equipped with shore power plug-in connectivity to reduce emissions in port and fitted with underwater noise management systems to help protect marine life.  All six vessels will also have a comprehensive range of onboard energy efficient equipment to optimise engine use to further reduce emissions.

2023 Pre and post journey experiences with Pelorus

Destination Experience in Scotland, September 2-6:

Scotland may be small in size, yet Pelorus will ensure Explora Journeys’ guests witness the country’s extraordinary natural beauty and experience everything the landscape has to offer. Scotland is home to some of the most striking scenery in the UK. From charming villages, bustling cities, and untouched countryside, guests will have the opportunity to participate in memorable activities such as the Braemer Gathering, the world’s most famous highland games, a helicopter trip to the Isle of Skye, and meeting an astronomer in the Cairngorms National Park and learning about the stars in the northern most Dark Sky Park in the world. Join a local wild food forager to find organic ingredients for cocktails and garnishes for the hotel’s chef to incorporate them into a delicious evening meal, as well as searching for seals in secret lagoons and hiking to incredible peaks with mountain guides.

Destination Experience in Iceland, September 9-13:

For guests heading to explore Iceland, Pelorus hosts will introduce them to the myriad of natural wonders and outdoor adventure that Iceland has to offer. From majestic volcanoes, with roaring waterfalls and crystal-clear glacial lakes, guests will hike, cycle and fly across this other-worldly landscape to see and experience it like never before. Guests will have the chance to fly by helicopter to one of the world’s most celebrated, isolated and impressive hotels, the luxurious, grass-roofed 13-room retreat Deplar Farm on the northern Troll Peninsula. Famed for its secluded location and wilderness-inspired adventures, embark on an Icelandic horse-riding experience in the remote landscape, reconnect with nature on bikes, enjoy wellness treatments and yoga practices in the wilds and enjoy a spectacular helicopter flight to Reykjavik exposing guests to some of Iceland’s most pristine and stunning natural spots.

The exclusive Pelorus experiences in Scotland and Iceland can be now be booked via Travel Advisors in the Explora Journeys Experience Centre or via an Explora Journeys Ambassador.

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