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Ireland Scores Well on Tour Travellers’ Wish List

In December 2022, the Globus family of brands – consisting of Globus, Cosmos and Avalon Waterways – distributed a “Wish List” survey to past travellers asking them to share travel interests and plans for 2023. The company received 28,971 responses, including 20,000 from Globus and Cosmos travellers, revealing touring trend insight for the new year and beyond.

While Europe reigned supreme for tour travellers, Ireland also made it to the wish-list, and was among the top five, sharing the honour with England and Scotland.

So who takes the top position and what does the wish-list reveal? Italy comes first. Greece and Turkey come second as the most anticipated destinations, and France follows closely. England, Ireland and Scotland all scored pretty equally.

  1. 22% Italy
  2. 21% Greece & Turkey
  3. 15% France
  4. 14% each for England, Ireland and Scotland

While culture, history and must-see landmarks are the top motivators for travellers on a tour, the new “Wish List” Survey pointed to an important tour trend: Forty-four percent (44%) of travellers are interested in getting off-the-beaten-path on vacation.

With this new survey, Globus also noticed some new shifts and trends for travellers, post-pandemic. Specifically, who travellers want to travel with – if anyone. While 62 percent (62%) of Globus
and Cosmos respondents still consider their partner or “better half” to be the best person for which to share their vacation, 35 percent (35%) shared an interest in going with friends or family members. And nearly one-fourth of travellers (24%) said they prefer to go solo on their next trip.

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Prerna Shah
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