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Emirates Sweetens the Travel Experience Serving More Than 40 Million Chocolates Every Year

 Celebrating World Chocolate Day today (7 July), Emirates is sharing that more than 40 million pieces of gourmet chocolate are served onboard each year, to passengers in all classes.

Sweetening the travel experience with the world’s most beloved confectionary, Emirates selects and serves a delectable selection of artisan chocolate as part of the signature meal service in all classes, to 140 destinations around the world. Throughout the last 12 months, 35 million chocolate treats have been served in Economy Class, more than 160,000 chocolates in Premium Economy Class since its launch in June 2022, with an additional 4 million chocolate pairs offered in Business and First Class. Emirates also introduced large gourmet chocolate boxes to First Class in December 2022, offering premium passengers the chance to indulge in a sample onboard and even takeaway some of their favourite flavours, with chocolate fans relishing more than 36,000 boxes in the last 6 months.

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