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British Airways Change Collection of Avios from Distance to Ticket Price

British Airlines is changing the way customers collect Avios on flights. The airline recently announced that from 18th October 2023, British Airways will be changing the way their Executive Club Members collect Avios. This means that from this date, Members will collect Avios based on the cost of their ticket, rather than the distance travelled.

British Airways is pleased to share the news that from the same date, this new way of collecting Avios on flights will also apply to their AJB partner, American Airlines. This means that Executive Club Members will collect the same Avios, whether their flight is marketed by British Airways, American Airlines or Iberia, to offer consistency across the choices of booking channels. 

British Airways explains, the eligible spend will continue to include carrier-imposed charges and, where relevant, the total eligible spend will be converted into GBP to determine the number of Avios collected.  

As previously announced, the new collection model will also apply to flights marketed by Iberia based on the Iberia Plus proposition which offers 5, 6, 7 or 8 Avios per €1 spent.

Shane Cullen
Shane Cullen
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