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First Time Camper – Sharon’s Visit to Kelair Campotel

As a first-timer to the camping/mobile home style of holiday, I was quite anxious about how I would manage the whole experience. However, colleagues and friends assured me that I would love the relaxed and easygoing pace of the experience and they were not wrong. Flipflops, no makeup and chill is the order of the day. 

We stayed in a 3 bed 2 bath Apollo mobile home which was fantastically spacious for us. Booked through the ever professional Helen in Kelair Campotel we flew direct to Reus and had a transfer included, which took 20 minutes door to door. Check out a tour of the mobile home.

Once we settled in, it was time to experience some of the facilities of the resort. 
Starting with the garden pool. I have to say, this area is immaculately kept and clean and while I was originally disappointed that there weren’t any sunbeds, it became clear that the kids loved having a picnic blanket to come back to and play on during their few breaks throughout the day.

This area opens from 11-7pm daily and is the spiritual home of the water baby. After some swimming, we usually made our way to the splash pool area where most days there was a mini disco in the pool and then it was straight to the main area called ‘La Placa’ where the entertainment is on each day. I’ll report more on entertainment in a separate story – as it is a big one! 

La Placa is the heart of the resort and it is where the main restaurant La Terraza, the main bar, the takeaway, the grocery store, the games room, the ice cream parlour, the fish mongers and the toy store are located. There is also a small playground here and it’s basically where smaller children from 2 to up to about 10 hang out and make friends. It’s also where adults make friends – which I was lucky to have made from the very beginning. I think this is a major plus of being on Kelair Campotel grounds as all the kids get together (with no language barrier) and play from morning to evening time and beyond. You also have your own Kelair Campotel reception area and a team of staff who are there on-site for anything you may need. Travelling alone, I was worried that I’d be held up in the mobile on my own each night, but that was definitely not the case and I enjoyed meeting new people from all over Ireland, Holland, Spain – and even some from New Zealand! 

Foodwise, there are two restaurants – the more casual La Terraza and the more upmarket La Grill. There’s also a pizza bar at each pool area, a newly opened beach bar and of course the takeaway – make sure to get the roast chicken – it’s delicious on a crispy baguette! 

Tripadvisor does well to outline the downsides and yes, I agree, don’t expect amazing service in the restaurants or bars and while some are stars, the majority are only new or in training. There are a lot of complaints and errors. However, the food was good and the kids enjoyed it. And as the saying goes happy kids – happy mum! 

Overall I have to say the 5* Playa Montroig Camping Resort offers an amazing family experience that I enjoyed more than I could have imagined and am wondering where to book for next year already. Any suggestions, Helen?

In the coming days, I’ll report on the extensive entertainment options. Any questions send them through to [email protected]

Big Tip – Make sure to download the app on arrival as you can book the restaurants and see the daily activities. 

Sharon Jordan
Sharon Jordan
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