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You Want Extra Legroom? That’ll be a Billion Dollars, Please

An Australian man looking for more legroom on his Melbourne to Perth flight was quoted AU$987,999,999 for the extra space. Aussie comedian Dave O’Neil then posted a screengrab of the quote from the Qantas app on his Twitter feed.

Qantas doesn’t usually charge this much for a bit of extra leg space – depending on the length of the flight, charges range from AU$15 on short-haul flights to AU$149 for the long-haul services. For a transcontinental flight like Dave’s, the cost would normally be AU$70.

Qantas was pretty quick to reply, however, responding with: “Hmmm…does look slightly over the normal price. Would love to take a look at it Dave. Please DM us the booking reference and we’ll take a look.”

We all recognise that the airline industry has been decimated by the pandemic, but it’s probably not the best idea to recoup a huge chunk of your losses off one passenger.



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