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Valencia Launches First Virtual Tourism Assistant Tool for Fallas Festival

Valencia has launched its first virtual tourism assistantFallasBot, verified by Meta.

It operates in eight different languages and provides those visiting Las Fallas with itineraries, locations of fallas monuments and more.

This exciting development is one of many different ways Valencia is continuing its commitment to the digitalisation of Las Fallas.

The Las Fallas festival – which runs through most of March – is unique to Valencia and celebrates the city’s silk road history.

The verification by Meta is an endorsement of the role that technology can play in the promotion and dissemination of culture. FallasBot is the first virtual tourism assistant verified by Meta, specifically for las Fallas, which gives an additional seal of security and reliability. The Fallas community can feel safe using FallasBot to enjoy an unforgettable Fallas experience!

This year, with the support of Visit Valencia, new surprises and novelties have been prepared, the most notable is the announcement of the 2023 award for “La Falla más Bot-ada“. Its aim is to bring visitors even closer to the incredible creations of the Fallas, inviting them to leave a mark and recognise the effort, ingenuity and creativity of the Fallas artists through their votes. All the info at fallasbot.com or by sending a WhatsApp to +34 644 67 47 67.

In addition, València City Council’s APPValència compiles everything from the programme of festivities, with the pyrotechnic calendar or the itineraries and timetables, to the location of the different safe spaces, the availability of public toilets or spaces adapted for people with reduced mobility. You can also find out where the Fallas monuments are, even broken down by section; the stages of the orchestras and other musical performances; the location of the castles and a lot of useful information.

Another app available is Fallas 2023 by Play & Go, which apart from geolocated information on Fallas and shops, also allows users to play and complete different missions, similar to the classic “Pokemon”.

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Geoff Percival
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