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Rise of the ‘Golden Gap Year’-Four in Ten ‘Baby Boomers’ Planning the Holiday of a Lifetime

Gap years are no longer the preserve of the young, as nearly four in ten (37%) in their golden years have decided to seize the moment and book a life-changing trip. Cruises (38%), city breaks (43%), beach holidays (40%) and luxury trips (37%) are among the top types of holidays planned.

According to research released by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) – the leading innovator in global cruise travel – over a third (37%) of Baby Boomers admit they have a new lease of life when it comes to travelling.

In the near future, we will see a rise in the golden gap year, with nearly a fifth (19%) of Boomers admitting they’re more likely to travel than five years ago. One-fifth (20%) are planning to throw caution to the wind and go away for a year, while nine months is the ideal trip length for Boomers.

Following two years of travel restrictions, one-fifth (21%) regret not taking a gap year in their teens or early twenties, with nearly one in three (32%) realising how much more of the world they want to explore, while they still can.

27% admit waiting their whole lives to enjoy their retirement, with nearly half (41%) agreeing it’s worthwhile spending their hard-earned cash by travelling during their golden years. 32% admit travelling by sea is more convenient and fun than travelling by air, as one-fifth (20%) intend to cruise in the next two years.

Eamonn Ferrin, Vice President of International Business at NCL said: “While globetrotting has long been associated with the young and carefree, our research suggests more Baby Boomers are travelling than ever before. Whilst golden gap year travel is becoming a trend – at NCL we’ve seen a surge in all generations prioritising travel, taking more frequent trips to long-haul destinations.”

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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