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Menorcan Resorts – Sandy Coved Beaches and Crystal-Clear Waters

Cala’n Bosch (above), Cala’n Forcat / Calan Blanes, Los Delfines, Sa Caleta, Cala Santandria and Cala Blanca are Menorcan resorts for all ages, offering sandy beaches and coves, cliff walks, marinas, amusement and water parks, and the nearby former capital of Ciudadella. 

Cala’n Bosch is the perfect family holiday choice. As purpose-built resorts go, Cala’n Bosch fits into Menorca’s southwest coast beautifully. Whitewashed hotels and apartment complexes with terracotta-topped villas give the resort a genuine traditional Balearic feel.

The centrepiece is a smart marina surrounded by restaurants, shops and bars. Cala’n Bosch is the perfect choice for families. Over by the marina is Goody Goody Park, which comes with indoor amusement games, a bouncy castle, ball pit, trampolines, bumper cars…and the works! Then there is the well-known Aquarock Waterpark, which will ensure that the entire family is amused for the day.

Cala’n Forcat
Cala’n Forcat

Cala’n Forcat / Calan Blanes. Near the former capital of Menorca Ciudadella, the resort of Cala’n Forcat / Calan Blanes has terrific amenities for all holidaymakers and offers a collection of bars, restaurants and holiday accommodation. This purpose-built town first popped its head above the radar in the 1980s. It teamed up with close neighbours Cala’n Blanes and Los Delfines and together they woke up this part of Menorca’s west coast. This trio of resorts have family-orientated restaurants that really appreciate that children have a low boredom threshold, so as well as offering menus that pass inspection by the younger ones, they also lay on play areas and bouncy castles and the fun factor continues throughout town with trampolines, mini-golf, playgrounds and a waterpark.

Cala’n Forcat has its own mini train so it’s a doddle to get around, making this area extremely popular with families of all ages, young couples and groups of friends as it affords something for all tastes.

Only a 10-minute drive away is Ciudadella itself, easily accessible by local bus and a very attractive ancient town with waterfront restaurants and cafes. Ciudadella is known as Vella I Bella – the Old and Beautiful. As you walk the cobbled streets you will discover elegant palaces, a reminder of former glory as the island’s capital, and a myriad of churches and museums. There is also a magnificent cathedral, said to be the largest Gothic building in Menorca, and a beautiful marina lined with cafes, bars and restaurants.

Sa Caleta
Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta and Ciudadella are situated on the western edge of Menorca. Sa Caleta is a relatively low-key resort located only 1.5km from Ciudadella, of which it is a suburb. Sa Caleta has a quiet atmosphere and is a laid-back resort with some bars, restaurants and cafes, but is only a 20-minute walk or a couple of minutes taxi-ride from the centre of the former capital.

Ciudadella, with its cobbled streets clustered around a smart, yacht-filled harbour, is a city crammed full of stately buildings and grand summer mansions. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder along the harbour’s edge are swanky restaurants, al fresco cafes and tapas bars. After dark you will find Menorca’s beautiful people packed into the upmarket wine bars or strolling along the waterfront. Leading back from the harbour is the city’s old quarter. At its entrance is the charming square of Placa des Born, bordered by elegant palaces and shaded outdoor cafes. Heading away from the square the narrow lanes are filled with medieval Gothic and Moorish architecture. The city’s 13th century cathedral is a must see – built on the site of a mosque, it has a Neo-Classic facade with a huge marble altar.

Cala Blanca
Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca is a small, relaxed town that sits on the west coast of Menorca where the sunsets are legendary. This resort has a very good mix of shops, bars and restaurants scattered around the resort – more in neighbouring Cala Santandria and between the two areas there are some great little coves in which to relax.

Most people who book package holidays in Cala Blanca do so for the beaches. Cala Blanca has two, Playa Cala Blanca and Cala Santandria, both of which comprise soft sand that slopes into shallow waters. The beach at Cala Blanca is in a small sandy cove protected by low cliffs and fringed by pine trees. There are plenty of sunloungers and umbrellas, plus restaurants, cafes and bars on standby. The sea water here is very calm and shallow, which suits paddlers, pedalo riders and snorkellers alike. There is a path along Cala Blanca’s low cliffs that is perfect for a relaxing walk – and as you stroll you might be able to make out nearby Majorca’s mountains on the horizon. Ciudadella is only a 15-minute drive away.


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